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Current Planetary Positions

Sun 24° Sagittarius 49' 35"
Moon 06° Sagittarius 42' 05"
Mercury 16° Sagittarius 39' 57" R
Venus 19° Sagittarius 08' 54"
Mars 04° Scorpio 32' 20"
Jupiter 14° Scorpio 09' 49"
Saturn 29° Sagittarius 34' 32"
Uranus 24° Aries 41' 39" R
Neptune 11° Pisces 37' 50"
Pluto 18° Capricorn 16' 17"
Chiron 24° Pisces 22' 29"
TrueNode 16° Leo 13' 40" R



This moment. Here. Just now. The instant in which we exist.


We can let our minds drift elsewhere but we will still be right here—and our relationship to this moment determines whether we are happy or sad, composed or anxious, wise or foolish, succeeding or failing.


Meanwhile, our astrological birth chart is a picture of our own very special moment. The moment we emerge into human existence.


Our birth chart reveals the potentials inherent in that moment as well as the cycles we experience from then on. So, taking into account the forces in our natal  chart can be a good idea.


Still, with or without the information provided by a birth chart, the moment in time reigns supreme.The moment to moment immediacy of our perception,  is always and forever more the doorway to understanding, mastering,  and enjoying our lives.


It is critically important toward spiritual awakening, and if you want to seek the kind of material success you’ll actually enjoy, you grow to learn how important it is in that arena too.


Everything hinges on how we relate to this moment.


So what happens when we decide to consciously enter into this relationship?


Presence. Our presence grows stronger and steadier. Eventually it is continuous and unshakeable.


That’s when everything becomes crystal clear and everything prospers.