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Current Planetary Positions

Sun 20° Sagittarius 29' 45"
Moon 14° Libra 35' 19"
Mercury 22° Sagittarius 14' 17" R
Venus 13° Sagittarius 47' 28"
Mars 01° Scorpio 52' 05"
Jupiter 13° Scorpio 20' 37"
Saturn 29° Sagittarius 04' 31"
Uranus 24° Aries 45' 46" R
Neptune 11° Pisces 34' 39"
Pluto 18° Capricorn 08' 17"
Chiron 24° Pisces 20' 20"
TrueNode 16° Leo 49' 49" R


To make a wise, powerful and harmonious relationship to this moment, to the here and now, to the present moment in time, there is good chance we are going to have to work at it. We need to train this faculty. We have to make it absolutely conscious and real.


How do we do this?


Practice. By taking on practices that train us to consciously relate to the present moment. It’s usually difficult at first but it does get easier. We soon learn what promotes being present and what gets in the way. Then we seek to emphasize and enhance what helps and we work to let go of what doesn’t.



With practice and commitment we begin to enjoy and appreciate the power of the present moment. We discover that our conscious presence is the key to everything wholesome and prosperous in our lives,  and we become aware this is the best work to focus on if we want to be truly fulfilled. Happily we notice that a skillful relationship to this moment also translates wonderfully to success in all the important areas of life: Health and well being, career, creativity, all relationships and spirituality.


I invite you to check out posts in the practice(s) category of this blog. Mastering the moment is ostensibly a mind practice and you will see plenty of information on mind techniques. At the same time, the areas of physical exercise and nutrition are also very important so you will see posts related to those subjects.